• Continental Prime™ Certified Engines

    Introducing Continental Prime™ Certified Engines:
    New Production and Select Existing Aircraft

    For years, customers have enjoyed Continental® PMA parts for Lycoming®* engines. In 2017, Continental® introduced Prime™ as the new name for this well-established line of parts. Customers now recognize Prime™ parts for the quality, dependability, and value of our FAA-approved premium parts.

    Today, we are taking our commitment to our customers to the next level by releasing our new line of Continental Prime™ certified engines, designed as a direct drop-in replacement for select Lycoming®* engines. The Cessna®* 172 now benefits from a direct drop-in replacement package that includes the certified engine and STC installation in one economical package.

    The Continental® experience, accumulated over 90 years in power systems for general aviation, allowed us to design the perfect drop-in replacement engines that benefit from more time in the air and less time in maintenance.

    Continental Prime™ certified engines are not only extremely competitively priced; they also bring multiple advantages that will directly benefit your operation and bottom line. Major manufacturers, e.g. Hartzell Propeller Inc., Sensenich Propellers, and McCauley Propeller have certified propellers approved for use with the Continental Prime™ certified IO-370 engines. Additional advantages include an exceptional engine warranty and many optional upgrades like NiC3 cylinders, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed at the best value.

  • * Lycoming® is a registered trademark of Textron Innovations Inc. Any reference to Lycoming® or associated trademarks, word marks, and products is only for purposes of identifying engines with which Continental® parts are compatible, or for which Continental® offers maintenance services. Continental® parts compatible with Lycoming® engines are aftermarket parts and are not original equipment parts. Continental® is not connected to, affiliated with, or sponsored by, or endorsed by Textron Innovations Inc. or Lycoming® Engines, a Division of Avco Corporation, or any of their affiliate companies.

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