• Continental® Engine Core Amnesty

    For a limited time, exchange your certified Continental® Avgas engine for a brand New or Rebuilt Continental® factory engine, and get 100% of core value regardless of its condition.

    During this promotion, Continental® will waive the standard exchange engine core requirements of being serviceable, assembled, and complete, offering full core credit on factory engine orders, providing the following terms are met:

    • Applicable to firm non-cancellable engine orders received by by Continental® between July 4th and July 31st of 2020.
    • Applicable to certified Continental® Avgas Factory Engines (New or Rebuilt).
    • Orders must be marked for immediate delivery, as soon as engines are available or completed by Continental®. Engine orders requesting deferred delivery will not qualify for this promotion.
    • Engine cores must still be returned through the normal RMA process regardless of their condition, and must be received at Continental® with at least the following items:
      • Original Data Plate
      • Engine Logbook
      • Crankcase
      • Crankshaft
      • Crankshaft & Camshaft Gears
      • Turbos & Turbo Waste Gates
      • Starter Adapters
      • Fuel Pumps

    NOTE: Engines received missing any of these items will be evaluated and may only receive up to 50% of core credit.

    Unlike-core orders: During this promotion, Continental® will also waive the standard requirement of exchange engine cores having to be of the same model and configuration. Qualifying unlike-core orders will be credited the core value of the engine model and configuration of the factory engine being ordered.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity and contact your Continental® engine distributor for a quote today!

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    All other standard sales terms & conditions apply.

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