Experimental Engine Parts

  • We offer a complete range of FAA-Approved parts for most major GA piston engines. Our OEM quality parts for Titan™ and Lycoming®* engines are built by one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world, from premium materials and to the very highest standards.

    When you choose Continental Aerospace Technologies™ FAA-Approved parts, you have the added reassurance of extensive quality control systems. We are ISO 9001:2000 compliant, with FAA Production Approval, we hold many FAA STC’s and have FAA DMIR and FAA DER on staff.

    Part production


    Now available and in stock: all the parts needed for maintenance, repair or overhaul of your Lycoming®* or Titan™ Engine

    • Cylinders (angle and parallel valves)
    • Pistons
    • Rings
    • Roller Lifters
    • Roller Tappet Camshafts
    • Flat Tappets
    • Flat Tappet Camshafts
    • Crankshafts
    • Valves
    • Ignition Systems
    • Gasket Kits
    • Fuel System Components
    • Starter Adaptors
    • Starter Motors and much more!

    Angle and Parallel Valve Cylinders kits

    Angle Valve Close Up
    Angle Valve Cam Shaft

    We offer a comprehensive range of cylinders (fully equipped) for Lycoming®* and Titan™ Engines. We also offer the option of Nickel Silicon Carbide NiC3 coating. This provides corrosion resistance, exceptional wear resistance, increased strength, and a warranty extension of five years or TBO (whichever comes first) against corrosion and abnormal wear.

    Parts & ignition systems warranty: 12 months or 500 hours (whichever occurs first).

    Cylinders: 24 months or 1,000 hours (whichever occurs first). Additional warranty extension of five years or TBO (whichever comes first) against corrosion and abnormal wear.

  • * Lycoming® is a registered trademark of Textron Innovations Inc. Any reference to Lycoming® or associated trademarks, word marks, and products is only for purposes of identifying engines with which Continental® parts are compatible, or for which Continental® offers maintenance services. Continental® parts compatible with Lycoming® engines are aftermarket parts and are not original equipment parts. Continental® is not connected to, affiliated with, or sponsored by, or endorsed by Textron Innovations Inc. or Lycoming® Engines, a Division of Avco Corporation, or any of their affiliate companies.

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