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  • Cub Crafters® uses Titan™ engines in their popular SS Carbon Cub aircraft. See their site at and contact us about providing a similar engine for your project.

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    New for 2014 are improvements to the interior, instrument panels, and updates to the power plant.

    Here are some highlights:

    • The high-performance, 180 horsepower Titan™ 340CC engine used on the Carbon Cub SS, gets a new magnesium accessory case that accepts a spin-on oil filter. The Company will include a thermostatic oil cooler bypass valve (vernatherm) as standard equipment in 2014. Together, these improvements reduce net engine weight by 1.5 pounds.
    • The carburetor on the 340CC engine gets a new fuel nozzle designed to improve vaporization and distribution of the fuel/air mixture to all cylinders. The new nozzle employs a proprietary "perforation pattern" that promotes even circulation of the mixture, thereby increasing consistency of exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) and cylinder head temperatures (CHT) at cruise and higher power settings. By leveling EGT and CHT, the 340CC engine runs more efficiently, smoothly and produces increased power.
    • The Company has made a number of significant updates to their instrument panel offerings:
      • Standard VFR
      • MyPanel©
      • World VFR
      • Executive GLASS
    • A new non-skid step for the pilot is more durable, and weighs less than the original.
    • New kick-panel at the front of the cabin providing a cup/bottle holder for the pilot.
    • The aircraft's glare shield is now painted flat black as standard.

    No other aircraft explores the limits of the Light Sport category more than the Carbon Cub SS. It can land (and take off) in patches that you thought were accessible only to helicopters and hikers. And it does it with the grace, confidence and control that are Cub hallmarks. If you thought that Light Sport was just for budget-minded beginners or for veteran pilots stymied by FAA Medical Certificate Requirements, you simply must fly a Carbon Cub SS. "Refined, yet brutish." AOPA Online, in their January, 2010 review of the Carbon Cub SS

    The Carbon Cub SS is a thoroughly modern, high performance airplane that has taken the fundamentally superior design of the Piper Super Cub and reinvented it using 21stCentury materials (such as carbon fiber) and computer-aided design technology. Superior engineering results in the Carbon Cub SS having 50 percent fewer parts and being 250 pounds lighter than a similarly equipped Super Cub. Mounting a lightweight 180 horsepower* engine to this airframe results in a horsepower to weight ratio of just 7.33 pounds (compared, for example, to a Cessna 172R's 15.33 pounds). That results in a sea level climb rate of 2,100 feet per minute (compared to 650 fpm for a 172) — a deck angle that inspires involuntary expletives. No other LSA takes off or lands in a shorter distance, with better low speed manners. Simply put, you simply must fly this airplane to believe…

    Airframe Type

    ASTM Certified or kit versions


    Maximum Continuous HP180

    Max. RPM @ full power2.700, 180hp (5 minutes)

    Maximum Recommended TBO (hours)2,400

    Number of Cylinders4

    Bore (inches)5.125

    Stroke (inches)4.125

    Displacement (cubic inches)340

    Compression Ratio9.0:1

    CHT - maximum500° F

    CHT at max. cruise (recommended)425° F

    Spark Plug Boss



    Delivery SystemMA4-SPA Carburetor

    Aviation Grade, Octane (recommended)


    Height (inches)20.63

    Width (inches)32.27

    Length (inches)32.57


    (estimated dry weight in lbs.)243

    Oil Temperature

    Desired T/O180°F

    Maximum Oil Temperature T/O245°F

    Normal Operating Oil Pressure,
    psi (Max/Min/Idle)90 / 60 / 25

    Engine Mount

    Dynafocal Type 1 (Conical optional)


    Constant Speed (Fixed Pitch optional)

    Prop Governor

    LocationRight Rear


    Flange.38 or .44 thick


    Bushings (prop bolt size)1/2-20 UNF

    Oil Capacity8 quarts

    Induction PlenumWarm / Cold

    MaterialMag / Alum

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