• Our facility has been designed with special care to meet both the criteria set by P&WC for a qualified overhaul facility and the current regulations of the FAA as well as other airworthiness authorities such as EASA and Maldives.

    We design unique solutions geared to meet specific requirements and needs of our customers.

    Our test cell is among the best equipped in the industry. It has been calibrated and can test all PT6A and PT6T engines series. Its design concept is based on performance, reliability, easy operation and maintenance.

    We offer PT6A and PT6T engines repair and overhaul, gas generators and power sections repair and overhaul, hot sections inspection and engine troubleshooting.


    All our specialized test equipment - such as balancing machines, FCU, fuel pumps and fuel nozzles test stand, engine test cell, oil test stand and precision measuring tooling - are calibrated at regular intervals. This calibration ensures accurate determination of the condition of the parts and a correct assembly and final test of the engines.

    All repaired/overhauled engines, power sections and combined reduction gear boxes are tested utilizing strict tolerance limits set by the manufacturer, to ensure reliable operation at minimum cost.

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    United Turbine’s Fleet Support program allows you to focus on lowering engine operating costs.

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    Re-Preservation Program
    Minimize downtime, through a cost-effective engine re-preservation.

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