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Certified AvGas Engines

Continental Aerospace Technologies™ produces four series of certified factory new and rebuilt AvGas engines, designed to meet the power and performance requirements of every GA pilot. Ranging from 100 HP to 375 HP, our gasoline engines are built in-house from parts we manufacture on site. Consistent quality and performance from each and every part and engine, both factory new and factory rebuilt, is achieved by time-served professionals in Mobile, AL (USA).

Continental 200 Series AvGas Engine  

For decades, students taking to the air in training airplanes were introduced to the wonders of flight powered by the Continental® O-200. Continental’s O-200-D offers aircraft builders a certified and pedigreed engine that is lighter in weight without compromising performance, durability or service life.

Continental 360 Series AvGas Engine  

Power is everything in aviation. Give an airplane more to play with and it’ll climb better and cruise faster, putting a business meeting within arm’s reach or extra vacation time in your pocket. Some of Continental® 360 series engines top the horsepower charts in this class – up to an impressive 225 horsepower in turbocharged and intercooled form. That’s a remarkable .625 horsepower per cubic inch.

Continental 470 Series AvGas Engine  

You’ll often hear pilots referring to the Continental® O-470 in reverent tones as “old reliable.” Powering the majority of Cessna® 180 and fixed-gear 182 aircraft from 1953 through 1986, this workhorse of an engine embodies simplicity, efficiency and ruggedness. Its track record speaks louder than words – a true brawny powerplant. In fact, some versions make full power at a smooth, quiet 2400 rpm.

Continental 500 Series AvGas Engine  

What do you say about an engine family that ranges in power from 285 hp all the way to 375 HP? Innovative? Versatile? Amazing? How about all of the above? Continental® introduced the first 500 series engine to the world in the Beechcraft® Bonanza and the Cessna® Centurion in 1964. The 500 series includes both 520 and 550 cubic-inch models in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged configurations.