Blue Marlin Project

  • The Continental Aerospace Technologies™ new manufacturing facility (known as the Blue Marlin Project) demonstrates our resolve to continue to lead general aviation with the best technology, highest quality, and more reliability than any other engine manufacturer.

    With the implementation of state-of-the-art machinery and the newest aviation technologies that are available now and the foreseeable future, we will continue to advance the standards of innovation in the aviation industry. Continental® believes that this investment, not only in a building and machinery, but also in our team members, will ensure that you will be able to continue to rely on us for the next 100 years.

    Our new manufacturing facility is one of the facets of the future of general aviation, and we will remain the name you are always able to trust and depend on.

    This is our #HeritageWithAFuture.

    Continental Global Headquarters

    Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony



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    • Why does Continental® refer to the new facility project as ‘Blue Marlin’?
      Blue marlins are powerful, fast, and dynamic sport fish: they embody the strength and versatility that Continental® aims to maintain and improve upon with our new manufacturing facility. With the implementation of new state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge equipment, Continental® will continue to innovate and refine our quality, service, and aviation technology to better serve you. Continental® has been a leader in the general aviation industry since 1905, and our investment in Blue Marlin shows that we are willing to build a strong foundation to last another 100 years. That’s why we have chosen Blue Marlin as the project name of our new facility.
    • Why build the new factory in Mobile, Alabama, USA?
      Since we established our headquarters and main manufacturing plant in Mobile in 1966, we are committed to the local community and to our team members. Other locations were considered, but the Brookley Aeroplex Park remained the best site for us because of our team members attachment to the Mobile Bay area and the support we have received from the community over the past 52 years.
    • Why is Continental® investing in this new facility?
      We have invested $75 million into the a new manufacturing facility because we believe in the future. As one of the only companies investing in the future of general aviation, we know that we will be here for at least the next 100 years. Our investment will benefit our customers by increasing our value proposition and create technological advances in general aviation. Our new facility will not only streamline production but will also reduce turnaround time. This enhanced process will give us more time to work on innovation and develop new technology.
    • How will this facility help your customers?
      This new manufacturing facility is the future of Continental® and general aviation. Not only are we pushing forward for innovation, but we are also consistently creating new processes and adapting to current trends in an ever-changing market. By continually improving our engines, parts, and services, we are helping our customers have safer flights. The reliability and quality of our products are crucial to our success, so we adhere to the strictest standards placed by the FAA ensure that your engine runs the way it is supposed to. Combined with our tradition of technical innovation, the new facility will also contribute to our ability to deliver technologically advanced power systems at a very competitive price. It is our goal to improve our engines to create better flight experiences, and our new facility is the way to reach that goal.
    • With the new facility, will there be an upgrade of your support and services capabilities?
      Continental® manufactures products that are used all over the planet. Therefore, our customers need support and technical information regardless of the time of the day and the regions they are based in. We are building a program that will allow customers to receive assistance or information through applications, mail, or phone, regardless of the time of the day or location of our clients. Continental® has always stood behind its products, and this shows that we not only care about delivering products, but we aim to enhance customer experience and continue to lead the industry for customer support and assistance.
    • Will this project slow or disrupt current processes at Continental®?
      Not at all! Our processes will continue normally with the speed, quality, and expertise you have come to expect from Continental®. With the completion of our new facility, we will be moving our processes over to the new facility. You will then see improvements in lead times, product availability, and support as we transition to our new model..
    • Who is leading the Blue Marlin project?
      The Continental® team consists of highly skilled aviation professionals, including mechanics, engineers, pilots, and aircraft owners. In addition to our manufacturing teams, we have an exceptional executive leadership team that works diligently to ensure Continental® is steadily moving toward the future.
    • Who is partnering with Continental® for this project?

      Our partners involved in the Blue Marlin project are Burton Property Group LLC, Stonemont Financial Group, Clayco, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, The Striler Group, WMB-Roi, and Regions.

      Burton Property Group, LLC

      Burton Property Group, LLC is a full service commercial real estate investment, development and management firm headquartered in Mobile, Alabama. A leader in real estate investment and development in the southeast, BPG is focused identifying and execution on real estate opportunities located in the southeast. With established institutional and client relationships, BPG has the capacity to tackle large-scale projects in a broad spectrum of real estate classes. For more information call 251-341-5777 or visit

      Stonemont Financial Group

      Stonemont Financial Group is a private real estate investment firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA, providing its investors attractive risk adjusted returns by investing across a broad spectrum of asset classes and geographies. Stonemont acquires single-tenant, mission critical assets by working with Corporate Users on their real estate financing strategy, specifically providing capital through build-to-suit and sale/leaseback solutions. Since its inception, Stonemont has been committed to developing lasting relationships with its clients by building and preserving wealth through quality real estate investments. Stonemont’s founders and managing principals have a track record of over 20 years and $18 billion invested.


      Clayco is a full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firm that delivers clients around the world the highest quality solutions on time, on budget and above and beyond expectations. Founded in 1984, we partner with our clients, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors and communities to deliver building solutions of the highest standard. With over $1.691 billion in revenue for 2016 and more than 1,785 employees across the country, Clayco specializes in the “art and science of building,” providing fast-track, efficient solutions globally for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential building projects.

      Lamar Johnson Collaborative

      Lamar Johnson Collaborative is a full-service design and architecture firm committed to enhancing the quality of the human experience and to improving how design and architecture can impact each individual’s emotional being. By harnessing the power of integrated design, including architecture, workplace strategy, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning and engineering, the company achieves its clients’ goals and aspirations. Working in collaboration with Clayco, Lamar Johnson Collaborative designed the facility to optimize efficiency, innovation and quality control.
 This greenfield facility represents a major commitment by Continental to its workforce and the community in its hometown of Mobile, Alabama. (

      The Striler Group

      As a leading construction management company, they are focused on bringing the construction in on time and under budget. With an eye toward safety and a strong commitment to cost efficiency for customers, The Striler Group provides the project with the ability to lower costs while increasing quality, and controlling the risks inherent in any construction.


      WMB-ROI (program management) extends beyond our traditional architectural services to give clients a trusted adviser throughout the entirety of a project, from the project’s initial concepting through design, construction and closeout. Their Program Management processes will keep your project on track by controlling the cost and schedule to ensure compliance with the scope. The team is present until the final closeout of the project, obtaining all final approvals for acceptance and occupancy.

      WMB-ROI (project management) is responsible for entire factory planning, process equipment layout / utility design, equipment install budget, and schedule management for the project, assuring nearly $70 million in new equipment is programmed for optimal performance. The consolidation and modernization of their manufacturing operations will increase productivity and vertically integrate their engine production. (


      Regions Financial Corporation is a member of the S&P 500 Index and is one of the nation’s largest full-service providers of consumer and commercial banking, wealth management and mortgage products and services. Regions serves customers across the South, Midwest and Texas. (

    • What will the new equipment and machinery be like?
      these machines allow us to increase our product reliability, but the precision and manufacturing tolerances permitted by the new equipment will also exceed the quality standards currently used in general aviation. Additionally, the new equipment will allow increased throughput and lower manufacturing lead-time simultaneously. Our new building will be nearly 275,000 ft2 (25,000 m2) with the majority being dedicated to advanced engine and parts manufacturing for all Continental Aerospace Technologies™ product lines. It will be populated with brand new manufacturing equipment and include a special area designated for evaluation of new manufacturing techniques and processes, including additive manufacturing and automation.
    • When will the facility be completed?
      The new facility will be finished and fully operational in 2020.
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