Continental CD-155 Jet-A Engine

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    Continental CD-100 Jet-A Engine Series  
    Continental CD-100 Jet-A Engine Series: Aircraft Engine Facing Right  

    The Continental® CD-155 jet fuel piston engine for General Aviation generates a take-off power of 114 kW (155 HP) at 2300 RPM. The CD-155 is a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine which is EASA and FAA certified. The CD-155 runs on both jet fuel and diesel (DIN EN590), and accepts any combination of the two.

    The engine has a time between replacement (TBR) of up to 2,100 hours or 12 years. Despite the improved performance, the CD-155 weighs as much as the CD-135.

    4-cylinder, in-line diesel cycle engine, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, common rail direct injection, system turbo charged, liquid cooled, FADEC, wet sump oil system and reduction gear engine.

    Engine Work Principle

    Turbo Diesel Engine

    Cylinder, Configuration

    4, In-Line

    Valve Gear


    Intake System

    Common Rail Direct Injection


    Liquid Cooled

    Oil System

    Wet Sump

    Electrical System

    Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)

    Prop Drive

    Reduction Gearbox With Integrated Clutch (ratio i = 1:1,69)

    Approved Propeller

    3-blade Propeller of MT with Hydraulic Variable Pitch (MTV-6 series)


    1991 cm³121.5 in³ 


    83 mm 3.27 in


    92 mm3.62 in

    Compression Ratio


    Dimensions (WxLxH)

    778 x 816 x 636 mm30.63 x 32.12 x 25.03 in

    Weight (complete & dry)

    134 kg295.4 lbs


    Max. Power up to 6,000ft 114 kW 152.9 HP
    Max. Continuous Power 114 kW 152.9 HP
    Power Best Economy 71 kW 97 HP
    Recommended Load 75 percent  
    Power Constant Available max. power at respective altitude  
    Torque at Propeller 473 Nm 349
    Torque at Propeller (Best Economy) 410 Nm 302 ft. lb.
    Prop RPM Max. and Take Off 2300 RPM  
    Prop RPM Best Economy 2000 RPM  
    Prop RPM Over-Speed Tested 2000 RPM  
    Engine RPM Max. and Take Off 3890 RPM  
    Engine RPM Best Economy 3380 RPM  
    Engine RPM Over-Speed Tested 4500 RPM  
    Consumption in Cruise Flight 18-22 l/hr 4.75-5.8 gal/hr
    Specific Fuel Consumption 220 g/kWh 0.36 lb/HPhr

    Electrical System

    Electrical System FADEC
    Voltage 28 V, optional 14 V
    Alternator Performance 1680 W (28 V), Optional 1260 W (14 V)
    Current / Voltage 60 A (28 V), Optional 90 A (14 V)
    Compact Engine Display 0.3 kg 0.66 lbs

    Operating Fluids

    Certified Fuels Diesel (EN 590), Jet A, Jet A-1
    Usable Fuels (UAV) Diesel (EN 590), Jet A, Jet A-1, JP-5, DEF STAN 91-86, JP-8, DEF STAN 91-91, JP- 8+100, Chinese Jet Fuel No 3
    Oil Shell Helix Ultra 5W30; Shell Helix Ultra 5W40; AeroShell Oil Diesel 10W-40; AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra
    Cooling Liquid 50% Water; 50% BASF Glysantin; G48/ Glysantin; Protect Plus
    Gear Oil Shell EP 75W90 API GL-4


    Lifetime Up to 2100 hrs or 12 years
    Type Certification EASA, FAA, in 57 countries
    Supplemental Type Certification Cessna® 172, Diamond® DA40, Robin® DR400, Piper® PA-28

Latin America