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Historical Service Documents

The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness and service documents listed below are provided as a courtesy to customers who purchased products from Engine Components International (“ECi”).  Continental Motors did not author the documents listed on this page, and does not vouch for their completeness or accuracy.  For information on PMA parts or experimental engines produced by Continental Motors, please return to the PMA Parts and Experimental Engine Service Documents webpage.

Document NumberHistorical Service Documents (for reference only)
SI86-1-1Cylinder Assembly Valve Trainpdf (116 KB)
SI89-5-1Engine Trouble Shooting Guidepdf (137 KB)
SI92-9-6Cylinder Removal and Reinstallationpdf (60 KB)
SI92-9-9Cylinder Barrel Choke Specificationspdf (158 KB)
SI93-3-1Freedom Brand Cylinder Identificationpdf (41 KB)
SI93-3-4Relationship between Cylinder Assembly Part Numbers and ECI Class Number Cross Referencepdf (41 KB)
SI93-6-5Recommended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) for ECi Freedom™ Brand Cylinder Assembliespdf (110 KB)
SI93-6-7Rapid Engine Leaningpdf (88 KB)
SI94-7-1Effects of Contaminated Fuel on Aircraft Piston Enginespdf (110 KB)
SI95-9-1Corner Stud Holes in Continental Cylinder Barrel Flangespdf (111 KB)
SI96-4Plasma Face Piston Rings for Use with Nickel+Carbide™ Process Cylinder Borespdf (110 KB)
SI97-3Repair Process for Lycoming 4-Cylinder Crankshafts affected by Lycoming SB505pdf (25 KB)
SI98-2Continuing Airworthiness Data for ECi TITAN® AEC65314 Cylinders for C/200/300 Series Enginespdf (113 KB)
SI98-5-2Alternate Means of Compliance: Crankshaft Gear Recess Repairpdf (321 KB)
SI99-3Continuing Airworthiness Data for ECi Cylinders Fitted to P&W 1340 Series Enginespdf (23 KB)
SI00-1New Rocker Arm Bushing with Integral Oil Groovepdf (20 KB)
SI01-1Venturi Intake Valve Seat in Continental 470, 520 and 550 Enginespdf (102 KB)
SI02-3Exhaust Valve Guide Installationpdf (96 KB)
MSB02-9Cylinder Head Inspectionpdf (120 KB)
SI03-4Replacement Crankshaft Gears for Lycoming Enginespdf (28 KB)
SI03-5Dipstick Calibration for 8 Quart Sumps on TITAN® Engine Kits Archive to ECipdf (91 KB)
SI03-6Use of Spiral Retaining Rings on AEL18840 Camshafts in Engines Used on Experimental Aircraftpdf (218 KB)
SI03-9Pistons and Rings for Franklin Enginepdf (29 KB)
SI04-1Mandatory Cylinder Inspection (superseded SI03-7, Cylinder Replacement)pdf (55 KB)
SI04-3Continuing Airworthiness Data for ECi TITAN® O-200 Cylinder Assemblies with CHT Bayonet Probe Bosspdf (44 KB)
SI04-5Overhaul of ECi AEL72877 Lifterspdf (20KB)
SI04-6Continued Airworthiness for Connecting Rod Assembliespdf (52 KB)
SI04-7Continuing Airworthiness for ECi Intercylinder Cooling Bafflespdf (53 KB)
MSB04-8Limited Cylinder Exchangepdf (60 KB)
MSB04-9Mandatory Bearing Inspection/Recallpdf (178 KB)
MSB05-1Mandatory Bearing Inspection/Recallpdf (24 KB)
SI05-4Continuing Airworthiness of Lycoming Oil Pump Housingspdf (144 KB)
SI05-5Replacement of Self-Locking Nuts for AEC629680 Oil Transfer Collar Assemblypdf (19 KB)
MSB05-8Replacement of Classic Cast™ Cylinders in Compliance with Airworthiness Directive 2006-12-07pdf (84 KB)
SI05-9Rework of Continental Connecting Rods for Bolts with Contour Headspdf (122 KB)
TDS06-01Cold Induction Systempdf (28 KB)
MSB06-2Inspection of 520/550 Cylinderspdf (363 KB)
TDS06-02TITAN® EXP™ Parrallel Valve Tapered Fin Cylinder Complete Assemblypdf (205 KB)
SI06-3Installation of AEL13923 Connecting Rod Bushings in Connecting Rodspdf (22 KB)
TDS06-03AE Fuel Injection System, Model AE400-1A1Apdf (589 KB)
TDS06-04TITAN® EXP™ Fuel Injection System Calibration Kitpdf (148 KB)
SI06-6Plasma-Faced Top Compression Ringspdf (28 KB)
MSB08-1Cylinder Assembly Removal and Replacementpdf (158 KB)
TN09-1Use of Gasket Like Materials in Split Lines at Crankcase Bearing Bosses and Under Cylinder Flangespdf (32 KB)
TN09-2Dangers of Contamination from Glass Bead Materialpdf (53 KB)
TN10-3Safety Lockwire Practicespdf (748 KB)
TN10-4Differential Pressue Compression Checkpdf (72 KB)
TN10-5Mandatory Parts Replacement at Overhaul and After Repair or Maintenance in Accordance with ASTM F2339pdf (25 KB)
SB10-11Cylinder Barrel Fillet Inspectionpdf (239 KB)
SIB12-2Effect of Over Temperature Operation and High Piston Blow-By on Cylinder Safetypdf (733 KB)
SB13-1AEL18839 Camshaft Marking for O/IO-375 Series Enginespdf (257 KB)
SB13-2Inspection of Barrel Fin Depthpdf (266 KB)