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Certified Jet-A Engines

Continental Aerospace Technologies™ Jet-A engines are world-class benchmarks in General Aviation, with more than 7,500 are produced and shipped and more than 2,000 engines in operation today, reporting over 10 million flight hours. They are favored by flight schools and specified by major OEMs including Tecnam®, Cessna®, Diamond® , Mooney® , Glasair® , Piper® , and Robin® . These Jet-A fueled engines operate on universally-available aviation fuel kerosene (Jet Fuel, Jet-A and other certified aviation Jet fuels). Each is certified to the requirements of FAA, EASA and a further 78 countries. Continental continues to develop the technologically advanced engine series which now includes engines ranging from 135 HP to 300 HP.  

In an example of Continental’s commitment to continuous improvement, the CD-135, CD-155, and CD-300 engines have now been upgraded to 2,100 hours and 2,000 hours, respectively.

Continental CD-100 Retrofit Kit: The Firewall-Forward-Kit  

Both the CD-135 and the CD-155 engines are available as a complete retrofit kit. These kits include the engine, the engine mount, the propeller, the dual redundant FADECs, all wiring harnesses, electronics, instrument panel gauges, accessories and parts required to transform an aircraft and install a Jet-A engine.

Continental CD-135 Jet-A Engine  

Our CD-135 Jet A piston engine for General Aviation generates a take-off power of 99 kW (135 hp). The CD-135 is a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine which has been EASA certified since August 2006 and FAA certified since October 2006. Its predecessor has been certified by the European Aviation Authorities since May 2002 and by the FAA since October 2003. The weight of all CD-135 engines is identical to 1.7 l engines, enabling a direct replacement.

Continental CD-155 Jet-A Engine  

Our CD-155 Jet A piston engine for General Aviation generates a take-off power of 114 kW (155 hp). The CD-155 is a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine which is EASA and FAA certified. The CD-155 runs on both jet fuel and diesel (DIN EN590), and accepts any combination of the two.

Continental CD-170 Jet-A Engine  

Our CD-170 Jet-A piston engine for General Aviation generates a take-off power of 125 kW (170 DIN hp). The CD-170 is a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine. The CD-170 runs on both jet fuel and diesel (DIN EN590).
Now including the CD-170R for rotary wing applications.

Continental CD-300 Jet-A Engine  

The latest addition to the family of Jet-A engines, the CD-300 offers up to 300 HP. Certified by EASA, the CD-300 is the engine of choice for those who need raw power in a small footprint without compromise where performance is concerned.

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