Diamondo Earthrounding Initiatives to Accelerate Sustainable Aviation

  • February 17, 2022
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    Flying around the world is a dream for many pilots but for Swiss pilots Robin and Matt their dream is becoming a reality.

    The Diamondo Earthrounding dream to circumnavigate the world began at University for Robin Wenger and Matthias Niederhäuser. Over time, their passion for flying grew along with their desire to promote sustainable aviation. So, with the support of their partners and team, Robin and Matt took off from Zurich, Switzerland, in January 2022 to fulfill their mission. Their 111 day journey in the Continental Jet-A powered Diamond DA50 RG aircraft will take them to 35 countries and 73 airports in just 230 hours.

    Flying Eastbound from Zurich, the crew has already crossed over a portion of the Pacific Ocean and has safely landed in Hawaii. Pending weather conditions, they will continue on their tour of the United States, where they will make a stop at Continental's headquarters in Mobile, Alabama. As the CD-300 engine manufacturer, we are excited to welcome them to the area and hear about their adventures of flying the fuel efficient Jet-A engine.

    Continental's CD-300 is a 4-valve, 6-cylinder Diesel engine in V configuration with Common Rail Direct Injection. The engine is Twin-Turbo-charged, Liquid-Cooled and incorporates a Wet Oil Sump as well as a Dual Redundant FADEC System, Integrated Gearbox and Propeller Governor. The engine burns Jet-A, Jet-A1, and Jet Fuel No. 3 which are readily available at airports around the world. 

    Learn more about Diamondo Earthrounding's mission or to follow along on their journey

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