Continental Donates Aircraft to Local Aviation Center

  • October 11, 2022
    Continental Donates Aircraft to Local Aviation Center

    Through a new community partnership, Continental® donated two aircraft to Coastal Alabama Community College’s Alabama Aviation Center. The Alabama Aviation Center is based in the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley in Mobile, Alabama, and offers programs in Airframe Technology, Powerplant Technology, and Avionics.

    As Mobile’s aerospace industry continues to expand rapidly, so does the need for trained professionals with a passion for aviation. This relationship between Continental® and Coastal Alabama is indicative of the hard work going on throughout Coastal Alabama's Workforce Development division, which offers a range of opportunities, including apprenticeships, credentials, and career certificates. Continental® believes that the 1978 Cessna 182 is a great instructional tool that will allow students in the Powerplant and Airframe Technology programs the opportunity to gain hands on experience before they move on to start their careers.

    Continental® is thrilled to give back to the local program and make a difference in the studies of these students. Over the years, Continental® has been fortunate to have graduates from Coastal Alabama join the Continental® team in various parts of the business. Continental® is excited to share our passion for aviation with the students and welcome them to join our winning team when they are ready to join the workforce.


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