Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH visits Continental GmbH

  • September 8, 2022
    Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH visits Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH

    In 2019, Continental® announced the partnership with Diamond Aircraft Industries to power the DA50 RG aircraft. The CD-300 Jet-A piston engine was selected as the ideal engine to help this five-seater aircraft take on all of its missions. With 300 hp under the cowling, it was no wonder that the Continental® team was excited for Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH to fly the plane over for a visit to our facility in Altenburg, Germany.

    During Diamond's visit, pilot Thomas Wimmer gave some of our team members the opportunity to take part in a local flight in the DA50 RG. Afterward, the aircraft was displayed so all team members could see what it looks like when spacious luxury meets high tech and a retractable gear.

    Special thanks to Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH and especially Thomas the pilot for the visit. #WeFlyDiamondAircraft

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