Factory Service Center Engine Overhaul

  • Over the years, Continental® has built a service offering for aircraft operators and owners. These services include engine overhauls at the Continental® factory service center for Continental®, Titan™, and LYCOMING®* engines, factory overhauls for Continental® AvGas engines, sudden stoppage/propeller strikes, shock inspections, fleet overhaul programs, Jet-A burning engine retrofits, airframe and power plant maintenance (Beechcraft®*, Cessna®*, Diamond®*, and Piper®*), and avionics installation and services.


    At Continental Services™, we offer more than your standard overhaul. See what is included below:

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    What Makes Continental Services™ Different
    • World class technical support and warranty coverage
    • Our overhauls include new cylinders with NiC3 options
    • New camshafts and lifters with our overhauls

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  • More Benefits

    Continental Services inspection

    Thorough nondestructive inspection performed on all critical components (including magnaflux, zyglo, and ultrasonic inspections as applicable)

    Continental Services documentation

    Report of inspection findings documented for customer awareness

    Continental Services choices

    Customers pick the path that fits their needs (repair, overhaul, factory new, and/or factory rebuilt)

    Continental Services engine test

    All engines tested to ensure performance & peace of mind

    Continental Services Work in-house

    All assembly work performed in-house by industry leading technicians in Continental’s FAA authorized repair station

    Continental Services warranty

    World class technical support & warranty coverage

    Continental Services shipping rate

    Competitive shipping rates

    Continental Services budget

    New & serviceable components offered to meet performance & budgetary needs

  • Why Choose Continental Services™

    When deciding between a Continental® factory engine or an overhaul, it is important to note that different overhaul shops have different practices and most only overhaul parts to service tolerances. This can impact the level of reliability in your engine during service life.

    If you do choose to overhaul your engine, remember that our Factory Service Center, located in Fairhope, Alabama (USA), provides options to overhaul Continental® and Lycoming®* engines to new parts limits rather than service tolerances. Plus, we provide premium Continental® replacement parts directly from the factory every time, so your quality is guaranteed.

    We value our customers’ needs: that’s why we also have a large stock of engines at any given time to suit our customers immediately. Even if your engine is not in its best condition due to unforeseen circumstances or wear, Continental® will offer competitive options like full core value on factory new and rebuilt engines to get you back in the air.

  • Parts
    Continental® & Continental Prime™ Parts
    Continental®, an OEM manufacturer, offers a full range of FAA-approved PMA parts.

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    In-stock Engines
    In-Stock Factory Certified New & Rebuilt Engines List
    In-stock Factory New and Rebuilt engines that ready for immediate shipping.

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  • *“Lycoming” is a registered trademark of Textron Innovations, Inc. “Cessna” is a registered trademark of Textron Aviation, Inc. “Piper” is a registered trademark of New Piper Aircraft, Inc. “Diamond” is a registered trademark of Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc. Any reference to the foregoing trademarks or associated trademarks, word marks, and products, including specific aircraft or engines, is only for purposes of identifying aircraft or engines with which Continental® PRIME™ engines or parts are compatible, or for which Continental® offers maintenance services. Continental® PRIME™ engines compatible with the foregoing aircraft are not original equipment engines for the aircraft identified in this advertisement. Continental® is not connected to, affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Textron Innovations, Inc., Textron Aviation, Inc., New Piper Aircraft, Inc. or Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc., or any of their related or affiliated companies, with regard to Continental® PRIME™ engines for use in the aircraft identified in this advertisement.

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