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PMA and Experimental Service Bulletins

Information on this page applies only to the Continental Aerospace Technologies™ parts manufactured under Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and Continental Titan™ engines. Service Documents applicable to Continental® type certificated AvGas engines, go back to the Service Bulletin page.For former customers of Engine Components International (ECi), the ECi technical publications historical repository.

Service Documents for Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Engine Parts

The service documents listed below apply to Continental Motors engine parts manufactured under FAA Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMA).

Release DateService Documents
SIL013A09/05/2019Recommended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) for Engine Components Manufactured Under PMA for Lycoming® Enginespdf (185 KB)
SIL01212/07/2018Break-in Instructions for Engine Overhaul or PMA Cylinder Replacementpdf (236 KB)
SIL01105/10/2018Replacement PMA Crankcases, (P/N AEL65460)pdf (1,825 KB)
SIL01005/10/2018Continental Motors Angled Oil Filter Adapter Configuration Options for Lycoming® Enginespdf (764 KB)
SIL0097/18/2018Use of Lower Spring Seat (P/N AEL13323) in Parallel Head Cylinder Assembliespdf (192 KB)
SSI0084/30/2018Replacement of PMA Roller Lifter (P/N AEL23381)pdf (20 KB)
SIL001B2/21/2018Replacement PMA Cylinder Assemblies for Angle Valve Lycoming® Enginespdf (781 KB)
SIL00712/29/2017Replacement PMA Cylinder Assemblies for Parallel Valve Lycoming® Enginespdf (1,237 KB)
SIL0047/28/2017Piston Ring Sets Applications, Fitting Instructions and Referencepdf (684 KB)
SIL0037/28/2017Cylinder Color Codespdf (370 KB)
SIL0027/28/2017Cylinder Bore Honing Instructionspdf (78 KB)

Service Documents for Experimental (EXP) Engines

The documents listed below apply to Continental Titan™ engines and associated engine parts only. These service documents do not apply to engine parts manufactured under FAA Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMA).

Release DateService Documents
E-SIL00511/28/2022Titan Experimental Parallel Valve, Tapered Fin Cylinder Valve Assembliespdf (359 KB)
E-SB00408/29/2019Propeller Pitch Conversion Instructions for Experimental Enginespdf (123 KB)
E-SB00302/04/2019Break-in Instructions for Titan™ Experimental Enginespdf (157 KB)
E-SB00201/14/2019Table of Limits for Titan™ Experimental Enginespdf (599 KB)
E-SSI00112/29/2017Crankcase Inspection, VA540A71Npdf (130 KB)
IPC-EXP00111/30/2017Experimental Engine Hardware Reference Manualpdf (3.07 MB)
N/AN/AExperimental Engines Spec Sheetpdf (2.56 MB)