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Titan™ Experimental Engines

Our Titan™ engines are individually built to customer specifications, giving you better control over weight, displacement and power output. Choose from 4-cylinder engines in the range of 174–195 HP.

You can also select multiple options for enhanced durability, reliability and safety.

Titan™ X340 Experimental Engine Series  

The Titan™ 340 s unlike any other engine that we offer. It has the same dimensions as a 320 cubic inch engine, but the stroked crankshaft and other features make it more powerful and lighter. This experimental engine is rated at 180 horsepower.

Titan™ X370 Experimental Engine Series  

The Titan™ 370 is dimensionally like a parallel valve 360 engine. The stroked crankshaft imparts incredible low end torque and is rated at up to 195 horsepower.