Len Leggette

  • Leggette has recently upgraded his engine to our Titan™ IOX-370 that makes around 195hp. This silky smooth engine is a perfect blend of hp and reliability for everyday flying when he is not flying a few feet off the wing of an Aerodynamix flight lead.

    Len Leggette
    Len Leggette
    Len Leggette
    Len Leggette

    I was first introduced to flying in 1979, while in flight training on a grass strip with no control tower in Hickory, NC. Just after soloing I was transferred to Seattle, Washington where I was able to complete my training at Boeing Field … the 10th busiest airport in the country! I started building my own aircraft, it took 3 years and 8 months, but in October 2002 I completed my RV-8A!

    Since then I’ve booked more than 2000 hours of flying time – most of that time in RVs – and am thankful to hold Commercial and Instrument ratings.

    During the week, I am an active entrepreneur in the furniture industry and a realtor for Keller Williams Realty. I live in Greensboro, NC with my wife Donna. One of my great joys in flying is taking my grandson Braxton for a ride in “Pappy’s” back seat.”

    Airframe Type

    Experimental RV8


    Maximum Continuous HP185

    Max. RPM @ full power2700

    Maximum Recommended TBO (hours)2,000

    Number of Cylinders4

    Bore (inches)5.125

    Stroke (inches)4.500

    Displacement (cubic inches)371.0

    Compression Ratio8.1:1

    CHT - maximum500° F

    CHT at max. cruise (recommended)425° F

    Spark Plug Boss

    18mm / 14mm


    Delivery SystemFuel Injection AFP-150

    Aviation Grade, Octane (recommended)


    Height (inches)20.36

    Width (inches)33.41

    Length (inches)29.07


    (estimated dry weight in lbs.)255

    Oil Temperature

    Desired T/O180°F

    Maximum Oil Temperature T/O245°F

    Normal Operating Oil Pressure,
    psi (Max/Min/Idle)90 / 60 / 25

    Engine Mount

    Dynafocal Type 1 (Conical optional)


    Constant Speed (Fixed Pitch optional)

    Prop Governor

    LocationRight Rear


    Flange.44 thick


    Bushings (prop bolt size)1/2-20 UNF

    Oil Capacity8 quarts

    Induction PlenumHot


    Base Price

    Subject to change$22,775.00

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